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Who are we?


Paul and Elizabeth Brown were born and raised in Indiana. Hoosiers are known for their excellent work ethic, as well as, their open arm hospitality. They are proud to live up to that. In 2018, they moved to a beautiful property that has been in the family since it was awarded for services rendered in the War of 1812.  And this is where they found their Iron Roots.  They made West Virginia their forever home.

Previously, Paul and Elizabeth have owned and operated Construction Crews and Vendor Markets providing opportunities, quality products and services for many.  Their combined array of skills have made them a great team. Paul has 23 years experience, specializing in Masonry, Carpentry, and Equipment Operation. His master level knowledge and meticulous quality control allow us to provide premium product. Elizabeth studied Consumer Sciences, Business Administration, and Design, at Ball State University. She is a literal professional at reading the needs of a client.  Our team is always respectful, polite, and friendly by choice, not policy. 

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